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  • NPR: Biden's Catholic faith is 'central to how he sees the world' (NPR)
    The host of National Public Radio’s Morning Edition said, “Joe Biden is known to carry a rosary in his pocket and to go to Mass every Sunday. If elected, he would be only the second Catholic president in American history ... his faith is central to how he sees the world.” Sister Carol Keehan, former […]
  • Hong Kong Watch chairman: Vatican is providing China with 'useful idiots and fellow travelers' (Foreign Policy)
    Writing in Foreign Policy magazine, which is owned by the Washington Post, the chair of Hong Kong Watch said that “the Chinese Communist Party knows how to make use of what Lenin described as ‘useful idiots.’ Mao was adept at using ‘fellow travellers.’ When you have Vatican officials extolling the virtues of Chinese communism, as […]
  • US Secretary of State prods Vatican on accord with Beijing (First Things)
    “Two years on, it’s clear that the Sino-Vatican agreement has not shielded Catholics from the Party’s depredations,” writes US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, in a column appearing on the First Things web site. Pompeo argues that the Holy See should show moral leadership by pressing Beijing to recognize religious liberty and other fundamental human […]
  • Fire at Australian cathedral deemed suspicious (Catholic Weekly)
    At St. Carthage’s Cathedral Parish in Lismore, (map), “the sacristy sustained damage as a result of the fire, but not the main part of the cathedral,” according to the report. Bishop Gregory Homeming, OCD, said, “I’m not disturbed by what has happened, it’s a building and I thank God that no one was injured.”