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The third quarter of 2019 has been very quiet from a legislative perspective in both Washington and Springfield.  ICHA’s Executive Director has been organizing ICHA’s Annual Meeting which took place on Thursday, September 26th at the Union League Club Chicago and updating ICHA’s By-Laws.


ICHA’s Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, September 26, 2019, at the Union League Club of Chicago.

The theme of this year’s Annual Meeting was “Being Catholic in a Secular Culture”. The keynote address was given by Fr. Bryan Hehir.  Fr. Hehir is the Parker Gilbert Montgomery Professor of the Practice of Religion and Public Life. He is also the Secretary of Health and Social Services on the staff of Cardinal Sean O’Malley in the Archdiocese of Boston

Additionally, Fr. William Grogan, Health Care Vicar for the Archdiocese of Chicago, presented on a variety of specific moral and ethical challenges facing Catholic health care today. Utilizing didactics, table case discussion and panel review, Fr. Grogan revealed practical approaches and interdisciplinary perspectives to maintaining gospel integrity and witness in a diverse religious and secular health care environment. Fr. Grogan’s panel included Ethicist John Gallagher, Mission Leaders Dennis Ryan and John Halstead from Holy Cross/Mt. Sinai Hospital and AMITA Health respectively.


ICHA’s Executive Director will be attending the White Mass in Springfield on Saturday, October 19th. He will also participate in CHA’s October 24th webinar titled: A Discussion of Why Organized Medicine Must Maintain Its Opposition to Assisted Suicide.


Working with ICHA’s By-Laws Subcommittee (Msgr. Merdian, Sr. Terry Maltby and Sr. Jomary Trstensky), ICHA’s Executive Director has been working to update the ICHA By-Laws which were last revised in November 2001. The two biggest changes are replacing “Congregations” with “Public Canonical Persons” and allowing for a Board seat for “One (1) representative involved in health care or health care education, e.g. a physician, who adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church and is in good standing with the Catholic Church”. Once the changes are approved the members with canonical responsibility the final updated version of the ICHA By-Laws will be sent out to all ICHA members.


On August 20th, ICHA’s Executive Director attended the Catholic Conference of Illinois’s (CCI) Social Service Departments Meeting in Chicago. This meeting included CCI staff and the Catholic Charities Directors from the six diocese in Illinois. Topics discussed were the state’s new minimum wage laws, the 2020 ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to allow for a progressive income tax system, and issues for the 2020 legislature. It was also mentioned that there is great fear in the immigrant community due to the changes in the federal public charge regulations.


As an update on ICHA’s Chaplaincy Education Program with the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC), ICHA continues to register participants. To date, 222 persons registered for the course; 115 have completed it.


ICHA continues to operate under a balanced budget. ICHA recently developed their FY 19-20 budget which was recommended unanimously by the Finance Committee and approved by the Board. Invoices for the FY 19-20 dues were sent out on July 1st. Follow up notices went out in mid-September for those few who have not yet paid their dues.

ICHA is finalizing its financial compilation (in place of an annual fiscal audit) and will distribute it to the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors when it is completed. The review is being done by the firm Hochfelder & Weber.


Thank you for all you do on behalf of the ministry. We continue to look for better ways to serve you and are always open to new ideas.  If ICHA may assist you in any way, please contact me anytime at pcacchione@il-cha.org.